February 22nd – March 23rd 2013

The opening reception is a private/invite only event. To receive an invite, please join our email list by emailing us at and including “subscribe” in the subject line.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery is extremely pleased to present PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE, artwork from Harper’s past, present and yes, a look into his future explorations.

It’s often said that there are no new ideas and that the present is a reconfiguration of what came before. This exhibit heavily features artwork Nicholas Harper created 10 to 15 years ago. This work is mostly based in surrealism, cubism and abstraction and laid the foundation for many of the techniques and compositions Harper utilizes today.

Presently, Harper is most well known for his classically based iconic portraits. His compositions are based within a magical realist perspective and highly influenced by the intentions and mysticism found within Russian and Byzantine iconography.

Looking into the future… Harper has, for the first time, begun to explore sculpture, using materials that intrigued him as a child. We won’t say anything more about these or what to expect. You’ll just have to see for yourself. While three or four of these sculptures will be on display in February, a full solo exhibit featuring them will be held later in the fall of 2013.




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